Riding Lessons

Our riding lessons are available for all levels and ages but we found there was a need for the adult rider who wanted a setting that catered to their distinctive needs.  Lessons are taught through confidence building, positive reinforcement with emphasis on proper basics and horsemanship.  Riders are challenged at their pace and can focus on individual goals, in a supportive environment.  Timid riders are able to overcome their fears or anxieties, whether riding for the first time or returning after an absence from horses.  Students are taught how to properly groom, tack and care for their horse, both before and after riding.

If the student has never been on a horse or has had limited exposure to riding, we begin with ½ hour private lessons.  These lessons continue until both the rider and instructor feel it is time to move up to 1 hour group lessons with no more than 5 riders in a group.

*Practice rides are offered to current HSF students who wish to work independently on their goals or just relax.

Lease options are also available on a monthly basis, for current HSF students to experience horse ownership, without the financial or long term commitment.


Cost: ½ private $45
  ½ semi-private (2 people) $40
  1 hour group $40
  Practice Ride (no more than 1 hr)  $40


What time should I arrive for my lesson?

Please arrive for your scheduled lesson time promptly to allow the lesson to begin on time.  Students not arriving or cancelling 15mins after their scheduled lesson time will be considered “no-shows”, and will be charged accordingly.

What do I do in case of inclement weather?

The instructor has the right to cancel the lesson due to inclement weather, for both the sake of the rider(s) and the horses.   Lessons cancelled by the instructor for any other reason will be conveyed to the student by the instructor.

What if I can’t make the lesson?

Simply call the lesson line and leave a message in regards to the cancellation.  Any student who does not show up for a lesson without cancelling may forfeit their spot in that lesson.  No exceptions!

What forms of payment do you accept?

Cash or check only, paid at the time of the lesson or in advance.  “No-pays” will be charged a $5 surcharge due at the next lesson.

Do you teach children?

All ages are welcome, however we specialize in the adult rider and our program is specifically designed for their needs.

How long will the student take private lessons?

Once the instructor feels that the student has acquired the basic skills and confidence necessary to join in a group setting, the student will be placed in a group lesson, suited to their level.

Does a student have to join a group?

No, any rider can request to remain in a private or semi-private lesson for as long as they like, schedule permitting.

Will there be more advanced riders in the group?

There may be, but we have found that newer riders actually learn quicker by watching other riders in the group.

How many riders are there in a group?

No more than five in any group.  More experienced groups may include up to seven riders.

Is there more than one group in the ring at one time?

No.  We schedule our lessons so that each group or lesson has full use of the ring.

What do I need to bring?

Students are required to wear jeans or long pants, hard soled shoes (no sneakers) and an ASTM approved helmet.  We can provide a helmet for the first lesson, but students will be required to provide their own after that.