Update on Jake

So, it was confirmed today that Jake has a stifle injury to his right hind. Stall rest, bute, and surpass until we get the ultrasound done to see how bad the damage is.

His is my love, as anyone who knows me knows. It just breaks my heart and I’m so afraid of the prognosis. He has never been down a day that I’ve had him and he does not take stall rest well. He so wants to be out with Tango grazing on the lush spring grass that’s coming in, with the sun on his back.

I am optimistic that there is no better place on earth that our magical little farm. I have seen miraculous things come from there, and I believe that he will be just one more miracle!!

Peace 🙂

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  1. admin Says:

    Update 6/9/10: Jake had his x-rays whch show a bone chip in the stifle joint and the ultrasound shows a slight tear int he lateral patellar. Dr. Dean Richardson does not reccomend surgery, based on the position of the chip and the prognosis for his age. We had his stifle injected with HA and steriods, so we’ll see how it goes. He just wants to get out and graze again! His riding days may be over, but he will be pampered and loved forever!! Thanks to everyone for all the love & support for my very, very, special boy!

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